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18th May 2015

About Federal Security Bureau:

FSB is the Federal Security Bureau that was officially established 05-05-2015, at 05:00PM UTC time on Basilisk SWGEMU server.

Now you have a very special opportunity of being one the first members that is a new guild on Basilisk!
Our first 10 accepted members, will immediately get promoted to Patchmember rank and get a once in a lifetime, very special Award. (Alts are welcome to join FSB, but only one character will receive the award) Furthermore, you will have a huge chance to impact first development stages and growth of FSB! 

It is very important that you register on our website before applying for the guild! 
Registration is a very fast and easy process, which only takes about 1 minute. Please be aware, that this registration is just a profile creation on our site and not the official Recruitment form.

Our main goal:
Help each other, have fun together and grow a great & mature guild community.

Our secondary goal:
Become the biggest, most dominating, but at the same time most respected guild on the server.

Before you start doing lolz and roflcopters at our secondary goals, there are a few famous saying that goes like this:
"Shoot for the moon and even if we miss, we will land among the stars".
"Where there's a will there's a way"
"Nothing is impossible

Naturally, this process will probably take years to achieve, it will be extremely hard and almost impossible, due to the fact that there are already so many great guilds in the Galaxy.
However, we need to believe that it is possible! Step by step, one by one and we will get there!
Well, in worst case scenario - this way we will always have an endgame goal, right?
And at the same time we should always focus and follow our main goal and remember to always stay positive.

Our policy:

FSB is going to be an extremely democratic Guild. Typically there will always be a Guild Leader, President or call it whatever you like, that is responsible to sign the final papers of new changes, additions, etc. There will also be a "chain of command" as described at the bottom of this page, however our ranks are basically just for the show and personal status grow, similar to in-game badges one can earn. However, you will get different in-game perks when climbing up the ranks. You will be able to send guild mails, recruit new members, be able to kick members etc. That is still to be determent between the members in the near future.
All the new changes, suggestions, additions and so on, will always be made through the majority of votes of ALL the members of FSB and not just higher ranks officers.
Look at it as The Great Kingdom of England or the Kingdom of Denmark - They both have Queen and Princes, but technically it's not them who create the new laws, regulations and policies. As you probably know, it's the politicians who take the big decisions. So, in our guild all members function like politicians as they do in the real world. No matter whether they are Hangarounds or Presidents, we are all equal in regards to making important decisions for our Guild.
Already BEFORE the guild is created; it is YOU who are in charge!
Imagine if no one would apply when we have opened the recruitment process? 
Then there is not going to be any guild created - right?
Can you follow our thoughts? :-)
That is our policy and how it hopefully will stay forever.

What we do:

Solo groups for cozy chat and better mission payouts.
Helping each other in any way possible.
Participating in Galactic Civil War.
General PvP and PvE.
Quests and missions.
Guild events.


What we don’t do:

Use of any exploits.
Cheat other players in any way.
Troll or harassments of any kind.
Break any official game rules or policies.
Verbal abuse of each other, or any other citizen of the Galaxy.
If you have a problem with someone - Duel them, ignore them or report them to the DEV's. Don't do the above.
Trolling, and harassments rules, etc. do not apply if you know each other well enough or are married IRL).

Why to join or avoid FSB:

Basically everyone, with very few exceptions, is welcome to join FSB.
Any factions, any nationalities, any professions, any religions, any player-styles, newbie's as well as veterans are accepted.
Have you ever wondered what makes games like SWG, GTA series, etc., such a great success?
The answer is very simple - sandbox game style and freedom. You can do whatever you want, when you want it and how you want it, but at the same time you don't have to do anything in particular. SWGEMU is already built as a sandbox game, so we see no reason why we should somehow limit what we have. CU and NGE were perfect examples of implementation of limitations implementation. For example they limited 39 or so professions to just 9?
As a member of FSB, you are never forced to participate in any guild events, promotions, leading roles, role-playing and so on, if you rather prefer to do something else, or be a lone wolf within our great community - so be it. 
Our experience has shown that lots of guilds are starting to create more and more requirements and restrictions to its members.
To some extend it can make guilds fun and unique, but in the long run it becomes the exact opposite of unique.
It grows into boring, tedious and tiring game play. Not that we are going to mention CU and NGE again, but most of you get the point. When that is said, we are luckily all different in our own ways, and that could result in, that Federal Security Bureau is not for everyone. Hopefully FSB will never change its core values and foundational rules.
Of course, sometimes it is needed to make adjustments and changes to the base rules, but for us to change our roots, will be as hard as changing the constitutional law in the real life - unless as mentioned earlier, it will be voted by the majority of our members.
So, the sandbox game style and freedom is all great, but it's not of a much value without good content! We will do our best, to create new content on a regular basis. Our guild members are what keeping us alive, making us big, strong and fun community. Anyone from our guild, are most welcome to suggest new ideas, achievements, awards, content, prizes, ranks, etc. to our President and we can assure you, that all suggestions you make will be taken seriously. As in any other sandbox game and real life, only our imagination is the limit!

Requirements to join:

Be at least 18 years old (Exceptions can be made)
Can support yourself financially in-game.
Follow all official game rules and policies.
Be an active Player on Basilisk server.
Be able to speak and understand English on an acceptable level.

Chain of command:





Vice President


How and where to join FSB:

You are welcome to apply to Federal Security Bureau by filling out our recruitment form, which can be found HERE

If you are accepted, you will get an auto-generated email on how to proceed for the final step of recruitment. Basically the email will tell you the exact location of the guild hall and how to get there as fast as possible.
If you are unlucky and get denied, you will also receive an email stating the reason of denial. You are welcome to try a new application after 1 month, if the recruitment is still open. If denied 3 times, you may never again apply for FSB and will be banned from this site. 

Thank you for your attention!

Register to our website!

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If you could get a chance, would you be a Guild Leader of FSB? You are welcome to define your answers on our forums as well.
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