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18th May 2015
Newsletter 3
Vatslav 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 31st May 2015
Hi all.

As usually, a warm welcome to all our new members since last newsletter!
We are now 55 members and FSB is still less than one month old. In my opinion it’s impressive how fast we grow – well done guys.

Regarding recruitment of new members.
It is no longer required for new members to create a profile on our website and apply via standard application form. However if they don’t sign up on the website, it’s impossible to promote them, since that is done automatically on our site. So, if you are recruiting someone, please advise them to create a profile on our site as well as applying via our application form. If they don’t apply on the site, well, that’s their problem in the end. Your job is just to advise them and that’s it. 

New Vice president.
As many of you probably already know, Uzamaru is our new Vice President. He was chosen on our last Guild meeting because he is very helpful, active and a friendly guy. Vice Presidents responsibilities are basically to be a right hand of the guild President and doing Presidents duties when the President is offline.  
Of course everyone have a chance of becoming a Vice President and higher. See more in Ranks and Promotions section.

The Council Group.
At the guild meeting we also decided to create a Council Group on the forums. Only members of The Council have access to the forum board. 
Current Council members are: Erzok, Hostle, Uzamaru, Xyutseen, J'oxer and Vatslav. 
Members of the group are acting as kind of leaders of FSB. They discuss how to improve the guild, the website, future visions of FSB, new ranks, awards, events, etc.
Everyone can become a Council member. One just needs to be active and willing to improve our guild. 
For those who are interested in becoming a member of the Council group, please contact Uzamaru (Vice President) or Vatslav (President) for more information. 

Guild chat.
If for some reason you don’t know, I can reveal that we also have an in-game guild chat, that is automatically created when you join a guild. However if you accidently deleted it or it disappeared, you can create it again by following steps:
1. Right click near your chat channels and choose [add tab].
2. Double click on the new tab and add [guild chat] from the [available channels] on the left side. 
3. If you would like to see guild chat in every tab you have, repeat step 2.    
The more members are chatting in the guild chat, the cozier it is

Are you happy or unsatisfied with our guild?
If any of you, for any reason are unsatisfied with our guild or anything regarding the guild, then please let us know. As long as it is constructive we would really like to hear from you!
You can either post it on our forums for everyone to see or you can be anonymous and send an email to our Vice President or President (Uzamaru and/or Vatslav). 
If you would like to be anonymous, we assure you that your ID will not be disclosed. 
Guys, if you are satisfied with everything, then it’s great! But if not, then please speak up. If you never speak up, nothing will ever change. Thanks in advance.

Misc. information.
Once again, I highly advise and recommend new members to be more active on our site and forums. Almost daily there is new information and forum posts on the website, which can be very useful to you.
If you have a great idea for a guild event, then please post it in Events and Ideas section. 
If you have some ideas for our site or guild in general, please post it in Suggestion and Feedback section.

Furthermore, before asking a question - for the love of God please read our FAQ first – that’s why we have it and sometimes it can be very tiring to answer same questions over and over again This is not targeted at anyone specific but just general information for everyone.

Least but not last, I hope you are all having a great time in our guild and helping each other as much as you can. It is great to have you all and I am very happy and proud that you are members of FSB!

Thank you for your attention and see you in game!

Best regards,
Vatslav - Guild President  <FSB>

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Newsletter 3
Vatslav · 31st May 2015
Newsletter 2
Vatslav · 11th May 2015
Newsletter 1
Vatslav · 5th May 2015
If you could get a chance, would you be a Guild Leader of FSB? You are welcome to define your answers on our forums as well.
No way, too much work involved 0

Depends what I get for it 0

Why not, always fun to try 0

Hell yeah, let me do it, now! 1

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