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18th May 2015
Newsletter 2
Vatslav 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th May 2015
Hello everybody!

So, today is exactly 1 week since FSB opened for applications and got the first member in our guild.
At the time of writing this newsletter, we now have 20 members! If the recruitment continues with this rate, we will get 1000 members in about one year lol
Anyways, a very warm welcome to all new members and I hope you enjoy being a part of FSB!

Below you can read some news and general information since last newsletter. 

Crafting Stations:

At the basement of the guild we now have very good quality crafting stations. The only one we are missing is the Starship Crafting Station. But since JLT is not out yet, I guess there is no reason to have it.

Crafting Factories: 

For those of you who don’t know yet, we now also have all 4 types of factories available for use.
1 Food and Chemical Factory.
1 Structure Factory.
1 Wearables Factory
1 Equipment Factory.
You are very welcome to use them if you wish. Maintenance is already paid for 10 days so far, so you only need to add wind or solar power and let them work for you :-)
Since we have quite a few crafters in the guild and if you would like to use factories, please send an email to the whole guild, that you would like to reserve [Factory name] for [X] amount of time/days. This way everyone will be aware of, what factory is in use and for how long. To send an email to the whole guild, just type guild in the "To: field". Remember to write it with small letters, otherwise mail will not be sent. 
When I will see your mail, I will add you to the administrator list of the factory you have reserved.
If several people need to use a specific factory, they will have priority by the time email was sent (first come, first serve).
After you are finished with using the factory, you will again be removed from the administrators list. That is to avoid unnecessary worries regarding scams and stealing from the hopper. 

Guild vendor mall:

Now that the guild is getting a little bigger, there seems to be some interest in getting a vendor mall going.
If nothing else, it would be a good idea to get one going, to share goods across the guild. The vendor mall has been placed directly behind the guild hall for easy access. As a medium house, it should have more than enough room for all of our vendors. If you have any interest in putting a vendor down, or would like to in the future, please let an officer know and you will be added to the vendor list. The only thing we ask is that you contribute to the maintenance fund of the house.


If you are planning to join an event, then please remember to sign up for it on our website. 
You can sign up by clicking on Events on the menu bar, then click on the event that you would like to join and there you will have 3 options: [Attend] [Maybe attending] [Don’t attend]. Very simple :-)

Time Zones:

Since most of us live in different time zones our guild is using UTC time to arrange events, meeting, ect.
However, you also have the possibility to set your own local time zone in the settings menu of your personal profile. If you set the proper time in profile settings, you will immediately be able to see your local time for the events, forum post timestamps, and chat timestamps.  
Note to UK members – Since you are using Daylight Saving Time (DST) in UK, you need to set GMT +1 in your settings to see the correct events time, etc. (I know that normally you are using GMT +0, but that might give an error on the site)
Last but not least in regards to events, if you have suggestions for future events, please share your ideas on our forum! :-)

Recruiting new members:

As mentioned in Newsletter Nr. 1, all our guild members, no matter the rank, can sponsor new players for our Guild. And it’s good to see you already started to do so, that way we will expand even faster.
But just a minor reminder to all of you, before the newly sponsored players can be accepted by the President, they need to have filled out our official application as everyone else. 
Also, if you have some alt. characters that have nothing to do, it could be nice if they also could recruit somewhere like our member Annichka does. You can play 2 characters simultaneously, one can run the recruiting macro and the other one can do whatever you want to do. This is only a request; if you don’t want to do it it’s also fine. If you need recruiting macro from Annichka, please send her an ingame mail.   

Ranks, Awards, Promotions:

Our ranks, awards and promotions have been updated few days ago. Please take a look in our forum under “Ranks, Awards & Promotions” section for further information. 

Website update log:

I make a lot of changes to our website on daily basis. So I thought that I would keep a log of changes and at same time you can follow the updates and changes. You can find the record of changes HERE.

Misc. information:

Guys, I know you that you cannot be forced to anything, but please visit this site once in a while, read our FAQ, newsletters and forums. It is highly recommended! Daily, I get lots of same questions, over and over again, by chat and by email. Questions are of course good and I love to answer questions and help out, but half of the questions regarding FSB guild, ranks, weather we have a player city, etc. can be answered if you read our FAQ and forums. Thank you!

Chat on website:

Just a few hours ago, chat was added to the website :-)
So if you have any questions (after reading our FAQ and forums) or just want to say hello to everyone, you are welcome to use the chat. It supposed to save all history in the chat and I hope it will :-)

Thank you for your attention and see you in game!

Best regards,
Vatslav - Guild President  <FSB>

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Vatslav · 31st May 2015
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Vatslav · 5th May 2015
If you could get a chance, would you be a Guild Leader of FSB? You are welcome to define your answers on our forums as well.
No way, too much work involved 0

Depends what I get for it 0

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Hell yeah, let me do it, now! 1

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