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18th May 2015
Newsletter 1
Vatslav 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th May 2015
Hello guys,

First of all a very warm welcome to all our new members!
Special congratulations to Erzok – The absolute first member of our guild!
At the time of writing this Newsletter, we already have 6 members within 24 hours of the guild opening. Not a bad statistic so far, if you ask me :-)

Currently I am spending most my time working on this website, so I am not so active in game.
However, if you are accepted to <FSB>, I can perform the last step by adding you to the guild in-game if you come to the guild hall. I am just standing there most of the time AFK.

Reason why I am spending so much time working on website is this: 

1. There are lots of bugs that makes the work process goes very slowly, they are being fixed everyday, but at the same time new buggs are discovered. 

2. Lots of new things need to be added. For example FAQ section, Photo gallery, a proper explanation of our ranks and what in game benefits they have, new forum sections, etc.

3. Also, since English is not my main language, I need to check spelling everywhere at least twice, since I believe spelling mistakes would be very unprofessional

I am really sorry I don’t play much right now – trust me I REALLY want to!
However, if you need any help in-game or there is anything I can do for you, please let me know and I will do everything possible to help you out.Thank you for your understanding and I hope you can forgive me with time, just remember I am doing this for all of us :-)


If you are already a full blooded member, please check your guild status by first pressing CTRL + 1 and the writing /guild status. I might have forgotten to give it to some of you.
If you don’t have any guild status, e.g. Prospect, Patchmember etc., just come by the Guildhall and I'll fix it for ya.

All our guild members have permission to Sponsor for Membership 
That means you can add new members to our guild.

Just go to our guild hall with the new applicant, use the guild terminal (on the right side of guildhall) and choose "Sponsor for Membership"

However, when that is done, they are not yet members of FSB, the last step is, Guild President needs to accept them and I will do it as soon as I am online.
Benefit is that they don’t have to be online or near the guildhall to be accepted. (As far as I know)

Guys, please remember to give your suggestions and feedback on our forum. I get new ideas every single day and maybe you do too? If so, share them with us! The more we implement as you want it, the better our guild will be. YOU are the CORE of this guild - Don't ever forget it :-)

Thank you for reading everything I wrote :-)

Best regards,
Vatslav - Guild President  <FSB>

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Newsletter 3
Vatslav · 31st May 2015
Newsletter 2
Vatslav · 11th May 2015
Newsletter 1
Vatslav · 5th May 2015
If you could get a chance, would you be a Guild Leader of FSB? You are welcome to define your answers on our forums as well.
No way, too much work involved 0

Depends what I get for it 0

Why not, always fun to try 0

Hell yeah, let me do it, now! 1

Maybe, not sure I would manage it 1

2 votes
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