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18th May 2015
Welcome to FSB!
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Joined: 8th Jan 2015
Rank: President
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18th May 2015

All new members will get this mail as soon as they are accepted to our guild. If for some reason, you lost it, deleted it, etc. then here is a copy of the mail:

Hello and a warm welcome to Federal Security Bureau!
Below you will find some useful information, about being a member of our guild:
First of all, please use the ingame Guild Chat if you have any questions or just want to talk with our members. If you don’t want to miss any guild-chat messages, e.g. when you are in spatial or group chat, then double click on all your current tabs and add guild chat from available channels.
It seems that not many of our members know that, everyone can sponsor/add new players to our guild. I strongly advise you to regularly read our Newsletters on They contain a lot of useful and important information’s for our guild members.
Furthermore, I also advise you to read our forums once in a while.
I have created a new topic called " Future events planning" under " Events and Ideas" section on the forums. Would be nice if you could read it when you have time, so we can plan some events :-)
We have a really great event calendar on our website, which allows us to create events and members can, with one click of a mouse button, indicate whether they will attend the event or not (similar to Facebook) 
We are updating our site regularly, e.g. new FAQ’s, new awards, forum posts, galleries, etc.
The more you are active on our site, the better. If you get new ideas for our website or guild, then please share them on the forums with us.
Last but not least. If you have any questions or need any in-game help, let me know and I will do everything possible to help you out!
As our main rule says, no one is forced to do anything. You don’t have to read news letters nor forums, but I just think it could be good for you, so you know what is happening in the guild :-)
Thank you for your attention and see you in game!

Vatslav - Guild President < FSB >
Forum » FSB Forums » General Discussion
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Newsletter 3
Vatslav · 31st May 2015
Newsletter 2
Vatslav · 11th May 2015
Newsletter 1
Vatslav · 5th May 2015
If you could get a chance, would you be a Guild Leader of FSB? You are welcome to define your answers on our forums as well.
No way, too much work involved 0

Depends what I get for it 0

Why not, always fun to try 0

Hell yeah, let me do it, now! 1

Maybe, not sure I would manage it 1

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